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Hello!! Welcome to my corner of the web, my name is Stup! This is my little spot to post art & learn about web development, hope you'll stick around!
Feel free to click around & take a look at what I offer, or follow my profile/bookmark this site to keep tabs!!

These are my main OCs from left to right: Sal, John (owned by my wonderful partner Ka), Vox, Sarah, Kasai, and Tyro. I love them with all of my heart.

I hope you enjoy your time here...



Guess I might as well do a journal, it sounds fun lol. I'll try to be regular with these entries, if i have anything interesting to talk about. I've been thinking about trying to read the Bible someday; i'm not religious, but the story hits hard sometimes. Also been playing Tekken 8 & trying to learn Yoshimitsu, he's hard but fun! I really gotta get more art out soon... ...And also do more stuff for this site lol.


Got some more progress done on commissions, posted one of them in the art gallery. Today i've just been feeling down... I tried starting on the Bible. Forgot how weird it was written lol. I think soon i'll try experimenting with some backgrounds, see what else can work. May have to change the background of these boxes though; i love the gradient, but the white text might get hard to read...


It's gonna be an early day for me. Got a little bit of work done on commissions, and got the code set up for changing backgrounds, I'm just feeling out of it. Not very proud of my recent art output either. There's always tomorrow, i guess... EDIT: Forgot to add this earlier. All of the support & help i've gotten for the website is so very much appreciated..


Got a commission done, but i've mostly just been laying in bed sick. Not really much to note otherwise.


Tomorrow i'm probably gonna be heading to the doctor; after i got sick, my left ear's been feeling clogged & muffled. Otherwise, i got some practice done with scanlines, i love those things lol. Also got back into N64 emulation, might have to put a few more games on the backlog now...


Update about my left ear: It is thankfully not any kind of infection. It seems that my Eustachian tubes (the ones that connect the back of your throat to your inner ear) most likely got backed up from how SHIT my sinuses are! I'll have to start religiously investing in sinus relief meds & stuff like that to help with it, so my hearing should be back to normal in short order. ...also for some reason finding that out costed almost 1000 BUCKS. I completely understand universal healthcare now, the US healthcare system is SO shit...


Inner peace... my ear is feeling relatively normal again. The sinus stuff has worked, and I will keep using it to make sure I don't go through this again. It's so nice listening to music again...


Sorry for the lack of journal entries, just felt like I didn't have much of note to talk about. My sinuses have been feeling a lot better lately, and I can hear perfectly fine again. I've also been making some edits to the site, mostly trying to make it more mobile-friendly with size changing & all that. Always brainstorming ideas for it too... at some point I REALLY wanna figure out 3D modeling, I would be unstoppable if I had a model of my OCs. Only problem is that i have no experience with moodeling like that lol...


...So I'm getting experience with 3D modeling.. turns out it's not that bad: it'll take me a bit to absorb everything fully, but it's fun too! I'm just following a tutorial for how to model a donut scene, but i think once I get this down, Tyro will be next >:)


Made some more progress on Blender, I'm learning about this stupidly versatile tool called Geometry Nodes; it's letting me make sprinkles. I've also been getting getting through art... otherwise, haven't had much to say.


Sorry for my sudden absence... I have way too much IRL baggage that can't fit on this site, and it hit pretty hard. For now, though, I'm back.. slowly realizing trying to worry about it & keep a grudge just isn't worth it, I have too much stuff to worry about instead. ...On a brighter note, I tried Fightcade yesterday. Decided to main Akuma/Gouki in SFIII: 3rd Strike, he's both pretty complex (emphasis on setplay & pressure), yet simple to me (i don't have to worry about EX moves, as Akuma/Gouki doesn't have any.) & I'm having fun learning the game. Unfortunately, haven't made much progress with Blender...

also found this fidget ring thanks to my brother & cousin... I really gotta buy this.
SMALL UPDATE: now i wanna try video editing lmao


So I tried video editing... had some issues with it before 'cuz the software I used didn't work all that well, but now it's perfect. And thanks to getting OBS, now I can record whatever I wish. This'll be fun, i'm learning how to draw, 3D model, and edit vids all at the same time lmao. In other news, the FCC reinstated net neutrality. If you weren't aware, it means that Internet Service Providers will now have to treat every site equally no matter where they're from; without it, ISPs could block sites, or charge fees for using that site. This is very much a good a thing, I'm so glad the fight for a really free internet is still going strong.


Twitter has decided: my next video/playthrough will be of my favorite game, Sonic Riders. Had to hunt down some effects for it, for some reason my OBS was making the intro of the game sound bad... hopefully the recording goes well, this is gonna be an experience for sure lol


So, I know I said that my next vid was going to be of Sonic Riders.... but I saw a youtube video about this FPS on Steam & I really needed to try it, especially because there's a demo. Editing it so far has been fun, I've got some good ideas for a banger video... at least I hope lol.


The new video's already a banger, got my first hate comment (?) on it saying they pity me for finding "peek-a-boo" shooters fun... Your guess as to what that means is as good as mine. Regardless, I will keep pushing forward; I gotta ACTUALLY start working on the Sonic Riders video & a part 2 of my Out of Action gameplay... you should subscribe, my channel's here.


Sorry for lack of updates, got busy & kind of overwhelmed with stuff for a few days... I've been trying to do art for friends & work on the videos I wanna make, haven't had much luck. On the plus side, I now have a Toyhouse account, my OCs are on there. Nevermind, Toyhouse sucks, the account will be private :(


Finally taking a risk & trying commissions again; i haven't done them for a while out of fear of being overwhelmed, and i really need some money lol. Still trying to think of any changes i could make to this site, at the moment i'm completely happy with it... On another note, I'm sure you've heard about the massive Helldivers 2 debacle where almost 70% of the world was essentially banned from buying the game cuz Playstation Network doesn't exist in those territories... Well, Sony finally walked it back, they aren't going through with it. I am very grateful, but man... Fuck Sony, can't believe i was a fan of those jackasses. Probably not gonna buy any of their games for a looonnggg while lmao


Im so very close to getting my medical bill paid, just gotta get a few more bucks sorted... in the meantime, i've been getting into stuff like GZDOOM; it's a fun way to play DOOM & other DOOM clones. I also am trying out stuff like the PC ports of Perfect Dark & Majora's Mask. It is incredibly cool that these old N64 games are getting these recompilations & ports... kinda wish i got into game coding lol.

UPDATE: gonna try animating something lol


I just started reading a web-comic (i barely do that) called Pink Among Blood Red Roses, by a friend on twitter named @PaisleyRose103... ....Please read it, it's so damn cool.


Currently Armored Core brained. That's gonna be my next video, i couldn't resist lmao. As for my medical bill... I don't need donations, but it'll take time to pay it.. mostly cuz they lied about how much i owed lmao. Speaking of, getting commissions done... yeah i don't have much to talk about today.


My fidget ring finally arrived... I love it lol, it's very fun & calming to mess with. Definitely helps my stress with trying to record this Armored Core vid...


...I am currently getting obsessed with Armored Core. If I could, I'd remodel this whole site to look like the main menu of AC2 lmao.


My Armored Core video's doing pretty good, it seems like people are interested in watching more of it. ...on a very slightly less positive note, my main drawing program paint.net hasn't been working for me these past few days; it has a nasty bug where it's flickering when I zoom in & use a tool. For the time being, I'm trying something out called Firealpaca.. it's definitely a lot different from what i'm used to, but I like it. Hopefully I'll be able to knock these commissions out with it, I don't wanna dissapoint them. UPDATE: Twitter decided to lock my account for breaking the rules... even though I haven't done anything lmao. Dumb-asses running that place.


I'm making a lot of progress with Blender, finally learned rigging & animation with a 3D model. Soon, I'm gonna learn how to do texturing, & then I'll be able to make my Tyro model. I'm also getting comms done, hopefully I'll be done soon & can do more art for me.


Probably won't talk for a while. family fighting has sapped my will to do anything. just trying to drown everything out so i can be at peace for a little bit.


feeling a little bit better.