Hello!! I'm stupidgamer201, but you can call me Stu or Stup (or Stupid :3). I am a guy living in the United States unfortunately & trying to make a living through art.
I have been doing art for almost my whole life (i remember starting truly making it my passion in life around 6th or 7th grade), and have switched to digital art about 5 or 6 years ago.
My current art program of choice is paint.net. It's perfect for my art style.

My current dream job is to make a webcomic about my OCs, as well as sustain myself through my art (commissions & the like).
I'm generally shy & not much of a talker unless it's for commissions or if it's with friends. I'm also unfortunately very, very prone to mood swings & bouts of demotivation.


When it comes to art, I'm most interested in drawing anthropomorphic characters thanks to stuff like Skyrim. Otherwise, I love making fashion & character designs.

It's hard to say what exact style I want to achieve in my art. Part of me wants a cyberpunkish look like Mirror's Edge & Cyberpunk 2077, but I would also love to try & invoke the Y2K imagery of the Sega Dreamcast & PS2 era (case in point, my recent addition of scanlines into my art). I even want to pull a Guilty Gear & make my art feel like metal & rock come to life, not to mention all of the games & videos & art online that inspire me. I guess my style is a mix of all of these things combined, put through the filter of a guy who really wants to burn the government.

As for games, I'm mostly a single-player gamer that flip-flops between PC & Playstation, with some Nintendo 3DS for fun. I gravitate a lot towards arcadey racing games like Need for Speed or Ridge Racer, along with stuff like Twisted Metal & Sonic Riders (I also try to dabble with RPGs & action games, alongside indie stuff recently). When it comes to multiplayer stuff, it tends to be either fighting games (Tekken 8 currently) or MMOs like Warframe.

Listening to music is really nice; i adore genres like metal, rock, EDM, stuff you'd hear in a racing game or action game. I've always had a small interest in coding & tech even if most of it looks like moon-speak, but art is my true passion.... although coding this website has gotten extremely fun lately.

I adore car culture, especially when it comes to tuner stuff, drifting, & circuit racing. Speedhunters is a big part of that adoration, i highly recommend checking it out, they have beautiful stories about cars & car culture. Another big part of that adoration is Need for Speed; that's where I learned my favorite cars are the Mazda Miata MX-5, the Nissan 180sx, & the Lamborghini Countach (the old one, not the new one.)

It's not as big as my love for cars, but I'm also a huge fan of guns, especially guns that are not the M4. My personal favorite gun is the FN P90, it is an obscenely cool & pretty weapon.

There is also one site that I adore so much: The Internet Archive. It's an amazing site: it's like a digital museum of books, PC software, music, stuff that's buried in the vast web of the internet.


Please be sure to thank eyefloating on Discord and Twitter, without them I wouldn't have been able to get this site working nearly as quickly!!

I would also like to thank Neocities itself for giving me the chance to make this site, and my brother TRU-BORG16 (real name private because duh) for helping with coding as well.

Also, please support Ka_Struggels. I would give my life for her.