Stup's Log of Games

This page will be dedicated to all the games I am currently playing/need to play in the future. I have a bit of a motivation problem when it comes to starting new stuff, so having the games I wanna play in one space would probably help. You can also go ahead & use this page as a recommendation list if you also don't know what to play.

I poke fun at this game for being unfinished & all that, but the roadtrip angle is just... so, so good of an idea. Helps that the game is also still pretty fun despite its flaws.

....It's the Witcher.
In all seriousness, I was always interested in playing the game, especially because of Soul Calibur 6.

I wish there were more Star Wars games like this one. The original Expanded Universe was such a cool idea, it's a shame that Disney threw it away...

I thought an action game with Resident Evil-style tank controls would suck... it's not that bad, actually. May be blurry on an emulator, but it's a cool samurai game.

If you ever played something called Absolver, this is that game's spiritual successor. We need way more games that are just martial arts movies.

Couldn't find a small enough image of the Gamecube boxart, sorry. Besides that, it's a Jak & Daxter-style platformer with Ratchet & Clank-styled writing, mixed with a hefty amount of lizards. It's like the game was made for me, I love reptiles.

This is just straight up, my favorite racing game ever. The atmosphere is perfect, the soundtrack is great, i love the pseudo-sim racer thing it has going on... Genuinely one of the best Need for Speed games you can play, at least to me.

The free trial was just too good to pass up, c'mon. Up to level 70, 2 expansions, the whole base game... you lose NOTHING by at least trying the game! That, and Soken's music in Final Fantasy XVI was godlike, i really wanted to know what it was like in XIV.

The weirdest game of the bunch, a RPG starring SEGA, Capcom, & Bandai Namco characters. It is so strange, but so much dang fun. Also a 3DS exclusive, so there's a reason you should go find one.

Yes, this is real. It's a 2.5D fighting game made by one guy, and it's fucking cool. I highly recommend watching this vid for more info, it's almost exactly what i wanna do for my own dream fighting game.

A cool little indie game I found on Gamejolt, check it out here! It's a quirky little 3D fighting game with a big roster, kind of reminds me of Virtua Fighter with its emphasis on strings & having only 3 attack buttons. Feels a bit strange, but I still think it's cool.

My brother's poured 200 hours into this one, and he's a massive action-game guy, so obviously I'd have to try it myself sometime. And uh, wow... this is a FUCKING sick action game, and harder than I thought it'd be.

Travis should really get to be in crossover games, he's cool... and so is his games. A fun, comedic(ly brutal) hack-and-slash helmed by the probably insane Suda51.. If you don't want motion controls like on the Wii, check out the Steam & Switch ports.

This game right here was everyone's reintroduction to FromSoftware's legendary mecha shooter... and it made me fall in love with the series as a first timer. It takes everything the devs learned from almost 2 decades of work, and creates an unforgettable & brutal experience... not to mention you can make the coolest fucking robots you've ever seen.

This is apparently a spin-off of the 'Way of the Samurai' games... and I can tell it's a spin-off because you're a samurai fighting cowboys. This is a very silly game, and it's a very, very fun one.

Apparently FromSoft just... made a fighting game for the Dreamcast back in '99??? It's LITERALLY just Armored Core but a 3D fighting game, set in a medieval world with magic..? The story is pretty barebones compared to their later works, i'll be honest, but... c'mon, ARMORED CORE AS A FIGHTING GAME, WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED? It's Japan only, but there's an english patch or ROM if you try to look for it.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is not only one of the best game names I've ever heard, but it's also a really fun beat-em-up. There's an emphasis on dismemberment, and it's also pretty funny.